Apple //e links

Apple //e reference manual (PDF – from 1000bit)

Beneath Apple DOS ( PDF – from 1000bit)

Apple II : The DOS manual (PDF – from the Nitrozone Five apple // collection)

Apple II Monitors Peeled (PDF – from the Nitrozone Five apple // collection)

The Computist Project 

ADTPro – Transfers images between modern PC and Apple II

Apple Assembly Line

Zero Page variables 


comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup

Apple 2 Technical Notes 

ProDOS 8 Technical Reference Manual 

links 2007-04-11

Worse Than Failure: Soft Coding – the definition of Soft Coding: the practice of removing “things that should be in source code” from source code and placing them in some external resource.

Bambrick’s 8th Rule of Code Reuse – It’s far easier and much less trouble to find and use a bug-ridden, poorly implemented snippet of code written by a 13 year old blogger on the other side of the world, than it is to find and use the equivalent piece of code, written by your team leader on the other side of a cubicle partition.

How to be a programmer


AnonySMS is a SMS to web gateway with a publicly listed (and periodically changed) phone number. If you’ve ever been tempted to sign up for a service that insisted on capturing a valid mobile number, but you don’t want to be getting SMS spam forever, then use AnonySMS instead.

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