two apple 2 related items

Item the first: 

I’ve turned the ‘Hardcore Computist‘ article index into a web page so
you can navigate from each article directly to the page containing the
article. In the process, I’ve created a mirror of the scans from, so i could link directly to a page.

The article index is at

Item the second:

I’ve released a new version of dsktool.rb. Change log:

* Added support for NADOL disks (Nibbles Away Disk Optimized Language)
* Added sector viewer to dskexplorer.rb
* DOS 3.3 support now more robust

If you don’t know what NADOL is, it’s the "Nibbles Away Disk Optimized Language" – a simple DOS + Pascal like language orientated towards building scripts for deprotecting disks. But it’s turing complete, and has enough text and graphics commands to allow creation of (for example) a BRICKOUT clone. Docs are at and there’s a DSK image at