notes on an apple iie front panel

I’m working on some ideas that may eventually evolve into a ‘front panel’ for my //e.
The proposed feature list (in descending order of likelyhood that I will have the time & skill to implement):

  • A toggle to flip between a ‘standard’ ROM and a crack-ROM (most likely "Senior PROM")
  • A debounced ‘NMI’ pushbutton
  • A 4 digit readout of the current program counter
  • hardware breakpoints (i.e. an address can be entered through a 4×4 keyboard, and when that address is executed, read or written, an NMI is generated).
  • A ‘single step’ mode.

I intend to use one or more Atmega8 microcontrollers in this. Here are some relevant links so I can keep track of them:

dsktool 0.4.2

I’ve just released version 0.4.2 of dsktool.rb, a command line tool
and library for working with DSK images, written in ruby.

The major changes in this version are:

* DOS 3.3 support now read/write
* NADOL support (read/write)
* ProDOS support (read only)
* Pascal support (read only)
* Hi Res Graphics converted to PNG

Instructions on how to install and get started with dsktool.rb are at